28 June, 2016

Sydney Beachside Apartment

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Decus Interiors | Tamarama Apartment 

Today I'm sharing with you a modern beachside apartment on the sunny shores of Sydney's Tamarama Beach by Decus Interiors. Armed with a simple brief calling for a practical home with a 'bare-foot vibe', the Decus team set about transforming an apartment spanning half a floor, situated atop the awe inspiring clifftops along Sydney's eastern coastline. Layering neutral toned, tactile materials consisting of a mix of handmade tiles, natural oak flooring, polished concrete flooring, and v-groove paneling, the Decus team accented the mostly monochromatic palette with installations of bold photography from MCM House and Leila Jeffreys.

Melissah xox

Photography: Justin Alexander via Est Living, fashion story by Coastal Style

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EricBosloor said...

Somehow without a bit of texture and without a bit of aquamarine splashed in the apartment, the home isn't quite as beachy or coastal as others that do incorporate those elements.

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