06 October, 2016

Kitchen Syle | Fade To Grey

Grey Kitchen Style


Timeless Grey

Looking for an alternative to a white kitchen that is still timeless and classic
and that you won't get sick of in 6 months time?
Then why not consider grey.
Grey shaker style kitchens is an emerging trend that seems to be on the rise.
Mix it back with plenty of white to keep it fresh and uplifting.
If you are wanting to create some warmth then add in some timber tones.
Timber floorboards, timber bar stools or a wooden dining table will all do the trick.
Consider adding some black details like light fittings or kitchen appliances
to create some contrast and depth.
Experiment with different shades of grey to work out which one suits you and your space.
There's a myriad of shades out there
everything from soft and understatement dove greys to stormy slates.
They will all create different moods so play around and find your perfect match.

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34 moodboard, 5, 6, 7

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Seawashed said...

I recently wrote a blog post tilted Fading Into Gray. I have a grey kitchen too.

Beauty Follower said...

The selves in the first photo are brilliant!


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