03 October, 2016

Tips for Decorating Your Coastal Home

Coastal Bech House

Coastal Decorating Tips

1. Palm leaves, tropical foliage and indoor plant are the latest trend to hit beach house decor. 
They help bring the outdoors in and add a lush, leafy element to your home.

2. Add a couple of coffee table books in the living room.

3. Mix old with the new to create a lived-in feel in your home. 
Use pieces that will bring back memories of times by the seaside.  

4. Use ocean shades like blues and greens to add that little bit of colour
 to mostly white and neutral home decor palettes. 

5. A beach home should be all about comfort and practicality, 
but make sure it is stylishly decorated to increase your enjoyment factor. 
And don't forget .... a practical, organised home is the key to a stress free life. 

6.  Add layered textures to your decor scheme for a homely appeal.
Scatter cushions, throws and blankets create interest
as well as adding a splash of colour, pattern and texture.

7. Candles create a welcoming feeling 
as well as providing soft ambient lighting and a sweet smelling fragrance. 
Right now, I am loving coconut and lime.

8. Printed family photos are fewer and fewer in the digital age so why not add a personal touch to your home by creating a gallery wall of loved ones and treasured memories.

9. With technology taking over don't forget to hide all those unsightly cords and cables.

10. Coral and shells are a favourite to finish off a pile of books or decorate a shelf. 
Those little reminders of the ocean add a coastal feel to your beach house.
Melissah xox

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