23 October, 2016

Travel Guide To The Hamptons

Long beaches, beautiful houses, tasty lobster rolls and a luxurious yet relaxed way of living
 - The Hamptons is all of this and much more.

Where is it?

Built up of different little towns of which East Hampton is the biggest, The Hamptons is situated by the ocean, north of New York City on Long Island and you can get there by car, by boat, by train or by taking the popular bus The Hampton Jitney straight from Manhattan.

What to do?

- Swim, surf or just walk along the endless beaches and look at the beautiful houses - often made of classic cedar wood. The main public beaches are: Main Beach, Georgica Beach, Wiborg Beach, Egypt Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach.

- The People watching in The Hamptons is marvelous - just take a seat at one of the trendy restaurants, cafés, take a Soulcycle Class or enjoy the beach and you can almost guarantee that you'll spot more than a few celebrities enjoying the relaxed lifestyle.

- The shopping is great and not nealy as crowded and hectic as on Manhattan. Stroll down Main Street and Newton Lane in East Hampton for fashion and lifestyle shops. You can find the classic American stores like Ralph Lauren and the Lexington Clothing Co. on Main Street.

Where to stay?

- I have good things about The Maidstone - chic, friendly and welcoming or the quaint Hunting Inn, both in East Hampton, so they're worth checking out. Or maybe consider renting a private house.


What to eat?

- The Hamptons is full of chic cafes, stylish resturants and great eateries but you can't leave Hamptons without eating a delicious Lobster Roll! The best place to get one is at a place called exactly that 'Lobster Roll' in Amagansett!

When to go?

The summer months: June to August is when Hamptons really livens up and you can fully appreciate the area's famous beach life. The less crowded months, May and September, can be equally beautiful and it might be easier for you to spot the celebrities, this is when they casually browse the streets, dressed in a pair of flipflops and a hoodie.

What to pack?

Here are some easy looks to put together when holidaying in the Hamptons.

Here are 5 easy steps on what to pack for The Hamptons.


Choose 5 flexible and variable tops which go with all the other pieces you’re packing for the Hamptons. Think cotton and linen for relaxed style that breathes on a hot summer's day.


2. Bottoms

Throw in 4 bottoms including shorts, skirts and pants. Make sure that you bring jersey pants, perfect for a yoga class or just worn casually at the after beach party with a casual knit or sweat.


3. Dresses

Dresses are the easiest pieces to throw on. There is only one problem, they do limit your mixing and matching options, so stick with a maximum of three. Maxi dresses are great for chic, relaxed evening style.


4. Outerwear

You need to be aware that the temperature could drop in the Hamptons and more than likely there is going to be some wet weather. So make you pack some outerwear. A denim jacket is an easy versatile piece to pack and a trench or lightweight waterproof jacket will keep you dry on those rainy days.


5. Beachwear

Be sure to hit Main Beach in style. A classy bathing suit or stylish bikini and a sophisticated wide-brimmed Sophia-Loren inspired hat will team up beautifully. Add small accessories like espadrilles, a pair of designer sunnies and a beach bag. A tote will take anything from your ipad, to sun lotion and the latest fashion magazine.

Happy packing and have a great time!

Melissah xox

Source: Lexington Clothing Co. | images via 1, 2, 3-7, 7, 8, 9, 10-12 | fashion by Travelling Chic

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