18 January, 2017

White Serenity

Leanne 19 LR

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Low Key Neutrals

A Picture in White

This stunning home recently featured in Queensland Homes Magazine.
Styled and photographed by The Design Villa it looks an absolute treat - a visual feast for the eyes.

The home belongs to Leanne @whiteserenity and is nestled in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane. At every turn there is beauty to be had, beautiful vignettes, treasures old and new and vintage pieces with stories to tell. The layers of white are offset with low key neutrals in beige, caramel and tan. Texture has been added with accessories such as the cowhides, leather ottomans, woven pendants and rustic timber pieces. Everything is set against a backdrop of lush, greenery for a relaxed, tropical vibe.

Melissah xox

Photos via The Design Villa, fashion story by Coastal Style

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