Beach Mornings



Waking up at the beach with the distant sound of crashing waves in the background always puts a smile on my face and fills me with anticipation. After a leisurely start to the day and a relaxing breakfast in the sun thoughts turn to the day ahead. A day filled with laughter, fun, family and friends. Long hours spent at the beach, sun kissed skin, dips in the ocean, beach cricket and exploring the rock pools. It doesn't get better than that!

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Summer Colour Inspiration

There's something very summery about shades of pink, fuchsia and watermelon. Think of homemade strawberry gelati on a hot summer's day, punnets of fresh strawberries with cream, chilled rose wine in the afternoon, freshly sliced watermelon, pretty pink shells washed up on the beach, pink champagne for summer parties and little girls in every shade of pink playing on the beach.

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Aqua Love

Beach girl (for Rehab*)

Aqua is a perfect shade for beach houses and chic resortwear. Cool and refreshing, aqua is reminiscent of shallow, tropical waters, the flash of blue opals and the softness of the sky at dawn. Combined with white it makes a crisp, clean statement. Nothing says 'beach' more than interiors filled with cool white and aqua tones. Balance this with sisal rugs, cane furniture, rattan accessories and neutral textures for a relaxed, low key ambience. Add some seaside accents such as coral, starfish, shell collections and driftwood details for a stylish, coastal feel.

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Sunshine Bright

A bright, sunny colour yellow can add a little sunshine to every aspect of your life. Warm and inviting around the house, yellow accents can do a lot to lift the spirits. Lemons, passionfruit, mangoes and yellow peaches add a splash of colour to desserts, cakes and sweet treats. Bunches of fresh, yellow flowers and wearing yellow in summer is bound to bring you happiness!

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Turquoise, aqua and the soft tones of driftwood grey make for a perfect coastal colour scheme. Combined with white washed furniture, limed ceilings and vintage pieces it creates a coastal getaway with warmth and rustic charm. Decorator accessories with a sea theme such as sand dollars, white sea shells, sea glass, coral and hurricane lamps with white candles adds the finishing touches.

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Sea Green  is a perfect clear, watery greeny blue colour associated with aquamarines and tropical seas. This colour is synonomous with sea shore objects such as worn sea glass, vintage bottles and nautical glass floats. These vintage objects not only add colour around the home but personality and character. A great colour for summer fashion and bold accessories!

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Long Summer Nights



Play with colour in sapphire blue and azure hues. The clear bright blue of the sky at midday on a summer’s day, the cobalt blue accents of a Greek fishing village and the alluring blue of sapphire gemstones. Touch on a nautical theme and team these blues back with crisp whites. Add hints of a marine theme with stripes, blue glass bottles, wooden sailing boats and recycled timbers. Blue and white stripes make for a perfect sea faring fashion combination!

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The inky blue of the midnight sky and the indigo colour of the ocean before a storm sums up these rich marine tones.  Everything nautical comes back to the strong blues of sea and sky, so this color is perfect for the look of an ocean retreat and casual, coastal style. Combine blue with lots of brilliant white, touches of deeper navy, and soften the palette with some end notes in neutral tones.

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Inspired By The Sea


Drawing inspiration from the ccean

Being a designer and living by the ocean
I am constantly drawing inspiration from the sea for my design work.
The colours and textures of the beach, the sand dunes, the cliffs and the sea
all influence the way I design and the colour palettes I use.
It is never ending source of inspiration.

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