Take A Boat Ride

There's nothing like being out on the water with the wind in your hair, a sea breeze on your face and the smell of the ocean. It's a great feeling to be at one with the sea. Just sit back, relax, take in the scenery and enjoy the ride!

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Weekend Chillin'

For me living by the beach holds it's appeal all year round - the attraction is obvious in the summer but there are lovely upsides to the colder months. Cool, crisp days, bathed in sunshine, are perfect for layering up in chunky knits, warm coats, beanies and knitted scarves for a brisk walk along the beach in the fresh sea air. Too cold to swim but perfect for sitting around at the picnic tables with a hot cappuccino watching the waves break and the kids play in the sand.

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A Weekend With Friends

The weekend for me is all about getting out and about with family and friends. There's something about a weekend at the beach that makes people relax and unwind. It's all that fresh air and saltwater that clears the head and gives you energy to take on the challenge of a game of beach cricket or get out and go for a bike ride. We like going for long beach walks, throwing the frisbee as we go, in search of shells, crabs and star fish hiding in the rock pools. We often stop to build a sandcastle and it always finishes with ice-creams for the kids.

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Ocean Breeze 

Summer is never more windswept and the sky is never as blue as it is in New England. A life at one with the sea where sailing and chinos are a religion! Carefree summers are spent at the beach or on the water and endless days are filled with swimming, diving, fishing and sailing. Together with families, relatives, friends, horses, dogs, books, good food and wine – New England sums up the very essence of the good life!

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Endless Summer

Surfing Safari

'As the summer sun rings in a brand new day,
it's the perfect excuse to grab your friends and head to the beach.
There's nothing like a morning surf to build up an appetite!'

Sweet blue swimmer crabs
prove to be the catch of the day.
Fire up the wok for a spicy, chilli infused feast.
Ready in minutes, it's lip smacking good! 

{Source : Donna Hay}

Summer Cruising

There's nothing more leisurely than a summer boat cruise, warm summer breezes and a glass of champagne in hand! These soft pastel, floaty dresses are just perfect for such an occasion  - they're pretty and feminine and perfect for a hot summers day! Layers of delicate chiffon falling softly so you have room to move and breathe. I can just imagine wearing one of these dresses for a candlelit dinner under the stars at a seaside restaurant. The waves gently lapping on the beach, laughter in the air, glasses clinking and the glow of suntanned skinned. What a perfect way to end a summer's day!

Images via Belle of The Ball
Let's Go Surfing

Only on the glossy pages of American Vogue could couture and 'surfer girl cool' be combined into such an effortlessly stylish shoot. With the help of photographer Mario Testino, Blake Lively looks perfectly relaxed and home with her Californian 'surfie' persona. It almost makes me feel like grabbing a board and taking to the waves but then I remember the icy water and the dumping waves and think twice about about my adventurous spirit in favor of finishing of Vogue, bathed in sunshine, with a frothy cappuccino!

Images via American Vogue

The Boat Trip


Gather some friends and spend a relaxing afternoon out on the water in a boat. You will feel invigorated by the fresh, salty air and the sea breeze in your hair. It may be a slow, gentle cruise that appeals to you or for the more thrill seeking adventurers then setting sail on the ocean may just be your thing! Pretty sundresses that capture the breeze are a pretty solution for a relaxed cruise on the bay! 

Images via Grazia

Surfer Girl


Head to the coast for the weekend where there's nothing to worry about except for the size of the surf and what to throw on the barbeque! Make the most of the outdoor lifestyle and grab your board, jump on your bike and head down to the local beach to check out the morning's swell. What a perfect way to start the day with a dip in the ocean or some clean, little waves to surf!

Images via Glamour (UK)

Happy Camper


I was brought up camping and water-skiing. Every summer was spent camping on the edge of a lake where the day started off with an early morning ski, when the water was like glass. It was always followed by eggs and bacon cooked up by dad on a wood fired barbeque. I have very fond memories of this easy going childhood and the carefree way of life. It has taught me to respect and love the great outdoors and has given me a sense of adventure. There's nothing like sleeping under the stars, cooking sausages on the barbie and toasting marshmallows on an open fire. To this day, I still love to go camping once a year just to put me back in touch with nature. 

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