Port Fairy Trip

I tend to not post photos of myself  - you loose a bit of interest in having your photo taken at age 47 but I am now thinking it might nice to share a few more photos of day trips, holidays and weekends away, pictures of the pristine beaches that surround us and our beautiful new house (... coming soon). My husband and I both love photography so it will be nice to share a few of our photos.

 This is a road trip we took over summer to a pretty little fishing village called Port Fairy. The weekend was spent boating, fishing and indulging in plenty of freshly caught seafood, sadly none of which was caught by us!

Images via 3a46, all other photos by Coastal Style

Memories of Bora Bora

Island Paradise in French Polynesia

Well, this is a bit of an indulgent trip down memory lane, I thought I would share some photos of my trip to Tahiti, just hubbie and I. Bora Bora, a tiny island 1 hour's flight from Tahiti  has to be most beautiful place on earth. For years I have wanted to visit Bora Bora and stay in an overwater bungalow. I've seen some pretty amazing beaches in my time but nothing could prepare me for this tropical paradise. The colour of the water is surreal - in twelve days I still couldn't get used to it or stop taking photos (literally hundreds - thank goodness for digital cameras!). The highlights were the colour of the water and the natural beauty, the friendly locals, snorkelling and swimming in water that was 30 degrees. The luxury accommodation was unsurpassed - we had a three room suite with 2 decks and a glass coffee table that could slide across so you could feed the fish below. You could swim off the lower deck and snorkel amongst colourful tropical fish. The food was 5 star gourmet and I had fun chatting with all the staff in French. The only downside is that it's very expensive but worth every cent and well worth saving for!


Bora Bora Resort Wardrobe

 Bora Bora - Aqua



Our trip to Bora Bora was two years in the making or should I save saving - so there was plenty of time to plan for a wardrobe. Having started my career as a fashion designer I had great pleasure in planning it down to the last perfect detail. Everything was new, carefully co-ordinated and picked to match the tropical surroundings. Even my poor husband didn't escape without a polo or two matching the turquoise coloured water! He's a good sport and goes along with most of it as long as I stick to the rule of  no 'couple co-ordinated' outfits in public! I had lots of fun putting it together so I thought I'd share it with you


Bora Bora - Tropical Brights


There were bikinis, kaftans and sundresses in aqua, turquoise and white. There were jewelled slides for poolside lounging and rope wedges for resort beach bars. There was strappy, silk dresses and heels for cocktail hour and candlelit dining. I threw in a splash of coral and pink for a bit of fun and to break up the blues and aquas. The funny thing is I ended up spending most of my time in my bikinis and really needed only half the stuff I packed! Lots of things just got the one outing so they are sitting there patiently waiting for another tropical holiday!

Photos and fashion moodboards are my own.

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