30 March, 2012

The Blue Grotto

Viva Tropicana

A perfect ensemble for a visit and swim at the 'The Blue Grotto'

I have been lucky enough to visit the famous Blue Grotto on the Isle of Capri. They have these expensive little boat tours where you can hire a boat and a guide and row through the caves. It really is spectacular but I have heard of equally beautiful places in Malta and Turkey where the water is an iridescent shade of turquoise, the sand is pristine and they are no tours, no hordes of tourists and and no fees - just unspoilt beauty and warm water begging for a dip!

Melissah xox

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claire said...

Oh I so want to visit. It looks beautiful! Loving the gold sandals and earrings in your style collection x

beachcomber said...

absolutely stunning! would love to go there.
i always love your choice of outfit for every occasion :)

Nantucket Daffodil said...

My goodness! This is like a slice of heaven!

Lesli @ Beautifully Coastal Design Blog said...

This is stunning and tourists aside, it's still on my bucket list. I recently wrote about the Ristorante il Riccio in Capri and I'd sure love to visit. Of course, I'm not opposed to checking out Malta and Turkey ;)

Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh my goodness Melissah, I HAVE to go there. This looks like heaven on earth, ahhhh! xo

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