22 March, 2012

Fun with Pinterest

After being inspired by everyone's Pinterest boards, particularly Cheryl's over at Beachcomber and Cynthia's from Beach Coast Style, I've finally found some time to set up my own. It covers inspirational ideas for all three of my blogs with quite a few boards dedicated to following my passions on beachside living, coastal interiors, beach style, and beach house design. Pop over and check them out here : Coastal Style Pinterest (or click on the 'P' button under the the 'Follow Along' tab in my side bar. It is so much fun and dangerously addtictive!!!

Melissah xox

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Susan said...

I love the seashell shadow box! I might have to "borrow" that idea - I have just returned from spring break, where a visit to a beach was involved, and I picked up some shells while I was there.

beachcomber said...

pinterest is amazing for ideas! thanks for the mention :)

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

uhhhh, I'm going to check out your boards RIGHT NOW!
Check out my boards whenever you have time, it's so much fun and totally addictive!!!!

Nina Munchen said...

this beach theme is the best, I love your choice <3

Pinterest is a great way to socialized with everyone :)
I love Pinterest's unique interface :)

Just in case you haven't heard. There's also another site developed for Pinterest user to submit their favorite pins, discuss and do social voting as well. You might want to check it out.

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