15 March, 2012

Palm Beach Bliss

Palm Beach

The highlight of our trip to Sydney was Palm Beach - a scenic drive an hour north of Sydney, it would have been even lovelier if I wasn't such a terrible navigator! My husband and I were totally capitvated by the beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, amazing cliff tops mansions and the fabulous array of great places to eat at. We were literally spoilt for choice! We headed off for a day trip on my birthday, which was a Friday, and a perfect day to escape the weekend crowds. The whole place had a sleepy, quiet, relaxed feel to it.

Overlooking Whale Beach from Jonah's

The view from Jonah's Restaurant
A long and indulgent seafood lunch at Jonah's was enjoyed with a glass of champagne (thanks to Carolyn from 'Desire Empire' for the recommendation). The view was simply breathtaking, the decor inspiring, the food superb and the bill impressive but well worth it for such a fabulous experience!  

The Terrace at Jonah's

The afternoon was spent lazing on the beach, a swim in the rock pool then off to 'The Boat House' for coffee and cake - afterall, it was my birthday! My husband had to drag me away from there kicking and screaming because I didn't want to leave. This has to one of my all time favourite places. Fabulous setting right on the water, surrounded by pristine National Parks with seaplanes taking off and landing literally right in front of you. Then there is the chic, vintage style of the place which I fell in love with, the colourful stripey cushions, the crayfish pots, the platters and bowls of fresh pineapples. lemons, limes and coconuts and the tin buckets full of masses of colourful flowers. It was like I had died and gone to heaven! I so wanted to tuck into a bucket of prawns or their signature fish and chips so beautifully presented in a wooden box but having just had lunch I'll sadly have to wait until my next trip!

The Boat House

On the way home it was a quick whistle stop at 'Beachwood' in Avalon for some inspiring coastal homewares and artwork. The evening was finished off with a jug of Pimms and dinner at the Bather's Pavillion and a walk along beautiful Balmoral Beach with a spectacular full moon. Now, it doesn't get better than that! That will certainly be a birthday to remember!!

The Bather's Pavillion - Balmoral Beach
We can't wait to head back to the Northern Beaches,
stay for a few days and soak up a bit more of the atmosphere!

Melissah xox


Desire Empire said...

Oh Mel

Looks fabulous. I loved your glowing report of my locale. What a beautiful birthday weekend for you and your husband.
Carolyn xx
PS I'm wondering where you put all that food though. Hollow legs perhaps????

Lesli @ Beautifully Coastal Design Blog said...

Awesome Pictures Melissah! It makes me want to be there ... but then most anything would make me want to be there, LOL :) I could dive right into those fish and chips and be happy forever!

Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

SSM said...

Everything looks devine.

You should visit West Palm Beach, Florida, USA!

beachcomber said...

palm beach is one of my favourite places..i'm yet to go to the boathouse, love the look of it!! you certainly lived it up in sydney. a great travel story on all the best spots to go.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh fantastic Melissah, you certainly took in some of the most beautiful places for your birthday. Jonah's is AMAZING and Palm Beach is also one of my favourite Sydney beaches. I think you would fit in beautifully on the Northern Beaches for a short... or extended stay xo

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