09 April, 2012

Happy Days


I'm in a great mood today, it's a public holiday so we'll be heading to the beach for some fun and games. The water is too cold for me to swim now but there's nothing nicer than sitting around on my beach chair on a sunny afternoon catching up on the latest mags. There will be ice-creams, some frisbee throwing and a game of beach cricket. In the evening my husband and I are treating ourselves to a night off without the kids, some fine dinning and a glass of champagne to celebrate a big job he won! Can't wait to pop that cork!

Melissah xox

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Susan said...

Enjoy your extended holiday! It's back to work tomorrow (Monday) for me :(, but at least I got Friday off work (neither Friday or Monday are public holidays over here).

I love the lamps in the gorgeous colors!

michelle said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Enjoy the beach.

Seaside Style said...

Have a great time! The weather here is beautiful too. Love the images.


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oooo sounds like a delightful day Melissah! Easter is a beautiful time, just so good for the soul. Love these images, the rainbow colours make me smile xo

Punctuation Mark said...

have fun and love the images!

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