17 April, 2012

I heart sunny days!


Having spent the entire weekend at the beach - I am feeling sunny and refreshed and in the mood for a splash of colour. The beach was full of colourful umbrellas, the streets were full of kids on bikes and everyone was generally having a great time getting out and about. I spolit the kids (and myself) with ice-cream, homemade cake and a jug of icy cold lemon cordial out on the deck in the sunshine. It was one of those old fashioned weekends that will be remembered for a long time!

Melissah xox

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Susan said...

It sounds like the perfect weekend!

beachcomber said...

simple pleasures.. the fringed yellow umbrella brings back memoreis of when i was young. gorgeous pics.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh me too Melissah, sunny days are my favourite! Unfortunately we have had the exact opposite here today, rain, grey skies and no sun at all! Your weekend sounded perfect and I am loving these bright happy images xo

sealaura said...

sounds divine! we headed to South Padre Island for the weekend and it definitely was a super family vibe although our kids have fur.


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