21 May, 2012

Exercise to improve your skin



Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, causing a healthy-looking flush. 
Both immediately and over time, it has been shown to decrease tension, which results in better skin. 
{And remember, always wash your face immediately after that workout.}

Since moving to the coast and marrying a keen surfer my lifestyle has changed from
working round the clock, shopping, fast food, restaurants and parties to:-
regular exercise, plenty of sleep, a healthy diet and a more balanced lifestyle.
Eight years on I'm much happier and healthier for it
{even if I do occasionally miss the parties and the shopping!}

Melissah xox  

{Pics: Bella Mumma / Source: Allure} 


Skin Treatment said...

Wow, that sounds totally amazing. I'm sure it will be helpful! I looked it up cause I want it, too . . . I'm glad and will definitely think and I need to start by getting back on my fitness & skin.... Thanks for sharing!

Mama of 2 boys said...

But the old lifestyle sounded like SO much fun!
I know what you mean though Melissah, there comes a point when it's good to gently remove oneself from the overly decadent lifestyle.
And it sounds like a pretty wonderful life you're leading now anyway... health and happiness are the keys xo

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