05 April, 2013

Dream Catcher



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Dream Catcher


A story about dream catchers.

My husband has a dream catcher hanging in his car.
He hung it up just before he meet me.
At the time he was hoping the right girl would walk into his life
and turn his world around...
then along came me.

Well, I turned his world upside down alright!!!

Anyway we are coming up to our ninth anniversary and 
life only gets better!
Melissah xox

Images via Coastal Style Pinterest, moodboards by Coastal Style

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HayleySarah said...

aw thats cute. i just love that bedroom, perfect place to chill n read a book :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I need to get one of those dream catchers for my daughter. :-)

Shely said...

Those dreamcatchers are beautiful! I too have an obsession with them, they're awesome. Great post! x


anita said...

congratulations on your special day together!
I always say my favorite stories are when "love finds a way"!! enjoy

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