11 June, 2013

Beach-Chic Decorating Ideas

It's difficult to achieve a beach look in your home without being too clichéd.
 So here are a few decorating tips for achieving
a fresh, sea-inspired coastal feel to you home with going overboard!

Make it Personal

One of the most important aspects of a decorating a home is that the decor and style reflect your personality, your taste and your passions. Rooms should reflect your life and your personality - I always like to see something interesting or witty in a space that has a sense of humour and tells a story about the owner. I like this quirky collection off globes in this room that reflects the owner's love of travel!

Seaside Palette

A neutral color palette of white, beige, gray and cream creates a tranquil seaside look for your beach house or coastal retreat. Add a splash of colour like blue, seafoam or soft aqua to bring the outside in and make the most of your natural beachside surroundings. Use soothing colours that are reminiscent of the ocean, sky and sandy beach or use a vibrant shade of bright aqua for instant pop and holiday fun!

Finishing Touches

The last few layers of any space are the most aesthetically important as these are the details that truly personalise the room and bring out it's soul. For texture, warmth and a burst of colour, add decorative cushions, artwork, interesting art d'objets and natural looking rugs. It is often the details in a space that give the room interest and character and can take an ordinary room and make it extra special!

Natural Elements

One of the keys elements to creating a chic coastal retreat is natural materials and textures. Bring the beauty of nature inside with rattan accents, bamboo furniture, cane baskets, jute, coir and seagrass matting. These natural elements are usually affordable and they also give a space a casual, relaxed feel. Natural colours and tonings also work back well with coloured accents. I am loving this quirky coral chandelier and the 'beachy' rattan bedhead.

Large-Scale Accessories

I love large-scale accessories that make a statement. My husband is a mad keen surfer and has our beach shack decorated with 3 vintage surfboards ... there were 4 but fortunately he sold one many years ago to buy my engagement ring! They each have a history and they make for great conversation pieces. This fabulous upside down rowing boat is bound to be a big talking point!

Real Items Make Great Accents

Weathered oars, vintage fishing rods, old surfboards and abandoned life buoys all make for great decorator items in a relaxed beach house setting. If you can't find anything in the shed or under the house then scour around local markets, second-hand shops and garage sales for some interesting treasures to hang on the walls and ceilings or prop in the corner.

Oceanic Artwork

Be inspired by the sea for coastal inspired artwork. Hunt around local galleries for up-and-coming artists, cut up an old lighthouse calendar, paint your own beach scene or create a collage from shells, pebbles, seaglass or coral fan. Frame them in a simple beachy frame and you have yourself an original work of art! 

Melissah xox

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Tibs said...

That turquoise colour with whites looks so fresh, serene and beautiful. The rowing boat is quite a statement piece!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Thanks for all the great tips Melissah. I love your blog for all the wonderful ideas you share.

Sand and Shells said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful inspirations! Colors and scenes are just beautiful!

...and thanks for stopping by and beeing my newest follower! Have a sunny week ~ Jutta

Nola Grasby said...

That was such a beautiful post-just what I needed. You have given me so much inspiration as I am decorating in that style and am always looking for ideas. The colours are my favourite and so calming and soft. Thanks

inge said...

Great advice I always love blue in its many colours in beach decor. Have a fun week

Frick Park Apartments said...

Evoking the theme you have in mind, which in this case is the beach, can really only be achieved with the right color choices and items for decor.

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