09 August, 2013

Missing In Action!

Surf's Up!

Dear All...
So sorry for my unexpected abscence but this has been my week so far ....
Moved House
Moved Office
Installed half a kitchen, bathroom, pantry, store room and laundry
Painted like a maniac
Spent 5 days trying to get internet and telephone up and running
Harassed plumbers, electricians and a zillion other trades to finish off so I could move in yesterday
Squeezed in a bit of work
Unpacked boxes 
Received countless furniture deliveries and set up a new house.

I'm exhausted but it's started to take shape.

A few more weeks and we should have something that resembles a home!
Still don't have a tap but I have a flushing loo so I won't complain.

Now I have internet I will be merrily posting away as if life was normal! 

Melissah xox

Images via Pink Lemonade


Shaz said...

Wow, it's a lot of work isn't it. Have been doing the same in Sorrento, tiring but fun. Where have u moved to?��

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Phew, your list is exhausting! I hope you can take a moment for yourself and that your life calms down soon! Best of luck!
xo Nancy

http://deco4life.blogspot.com said...

oh, you moved in your new house. Would like to see it!!!! Wishing you a good time and waiting for your wonderful Pictures, can't wait! Hug, Barbara

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm so looking forward to your new home posts and pictures!

Melissah said...

Hi Shaz, I love Sorrento - I love the choice of beaches & it's my favourite place for beach house shopping! We are still in Anglesea but have moved walking distance to the beach with lovely beach & ocean views. We are feeling very lucky right now! x

OnePieceBlack said...

Uhh, I would love to see your house!!!

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