23 December, 2016

A New House With Old Charm


The Lived-In Look

Sandy Gingras, a writer / illustrator and her husband Victor built this home in 2007,
 but this New Jersey home has the look of a century-old beach cottage,
  thanks to some good old-fashioned design moves.  

When most people think of a new construction, they probably don’t picture weathered wooden floors, 1950s-style appliances and furniture with chipped paint. But when the couple had the chance to build the home of their dreams on Long Beach Island, those are just the kinds of features they went for. They weren't after anything elegant or formal, they wanted to create a home that reminded them of the simple beach cottages they grew up with. The couple knocked down the dumpy 1970s house that originally sat on the property, located just steps from the water. They had to keep the home’s original footprint because of zoning regulations, so they built upwards, spreading 2,000 square feet over five narrow half stories. They hired an architect who specialises in historic beach homes and stuck to low-maintenance materials in soft colors. “People always assume our house has been around for ages,” says Sandy. “It’s the ultimate compliment!”

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Images via HGTV, fashion story

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Where can I see the floor plan?

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